Enrolment Forms

If you would like to submit an Application for Enrolment, please complete one of the Application for Enrolment forms, along with a copy of the Birth Certificate, Immunisation History Statement and a Proof of Address and email to us cliftonhills.ps@education.wa.edu.au.
Download a copy of our Enrolment Application Part A form or the Editable Application Form.

Change of details

If you have a change of address, change of email address, telephone number or any information which needs to be updated, please write, email (cliftonhills.ps@education.wa.edu.au), or call in at the Front Office and make the necessary adjustments. It is very important that this information is up to date, especially in cases of emergency when contact is essential with parents. 

N.B. This is a legal requirement under the School Education Act 1999, Sections 16 and 17.