At Clifton Hills Primary School we are committed to achieving the best possible Numeracy outcomes for all students.  Individual students are supported to show maximum progress and levels of achievement reflecting individual potential. 

Clifton Hills Primary School has a whole school approach to the teaching of Mathematics and Numeracy.  Learning experiences are, purposeful, hands-on and relevant to stimulate thought, enquiry and enjoyment.  There is limited reliance on the use of photocopied worksheets as a learning activity.  Students regularly experience opportunities for both individual and collaborative learning and are given the opportunity to achieve intended objectives in a safe and fair environment.

Assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning.  Class based assessments and monitoring will form the basis of teacher judgements in relation to the Western Australian Curriculum Standards.  Feedback is given to students regularly by highlighting the successes/improvements needed in their work and by assisting them to see how they can improve as assessment is educative.

‘Matific’ is an online Mathematics program based on the Australian curriculum and allows teachers to provide activities for students appropriate to the individual needs of the child.  It supports a unique blend of student driven learning and teacher led instruction and provides students with tools to assist their mathematical learning.

In Years 3–6 ‘Maths Competition’ is run to encourage students to learn their Basic Facts.

In Years 4-6 Numero Club is also run at lunchtime to engage students in fun activities to assist in developing numeracy concepts.

Teachers develop Case Management Plans (i.e Individual Education Plans and Group Educational Plans) for students who are not achieving (below and at the National minimum standard in NAPLAN) or achieving well above the specific skills and objectives being taught.  Further testing will also be utilised to assist with the development of Case Management Plans.